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Discover Our Story

India is a nation that depends a lot on the agricultural industry with a large percentage of the population being farmers. A lot of farmers are still very poor and are struggling to get a better living. In 2014, the National Crime Records Bureau of India reported 5,650 farmer suicides according to wiki. Thats when we had the idea of starting a platform to help them get better benefits of their crop and also make the farm fresh products available to consumers without any added flavours. The idea poped up as one of the founders of SpicesFarm is from a small farming family and he saw the struggles his parents made to build a home, take care of the education of their children, sometimes to get enough to pay the labourers, and to keep the house hold expenses managed. He understood that this is not just about his family but many other similar families around his neighbourhood. Things are not different anywhere in India. 


If this is one side of the coin, the other side is making quality, farm fresh, natural products available to consumers world wide. We dont even powder the spices and you get it as how the farmers sell it to wholesalers, but with a quality screening. All the spices we sell go through only natural processing (like dried in sun or licenced drying units) and no chemicals are added while processing. We believe that this is a step towards making healthy food available and reduce the risk of consumption of cancerous chemicals. 


We are based near Munnar, Kerala. A very beautiful hill station in south India. All the products listed here are produced near our place. We hope you all will buy the spices and give a helping hand to the farmers who work hard even in sun or rain to produce our food. Let each your purchase be a sign of respect to them and a step forward to making a healthy lifestyle with the use of better products. Thank you.