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Star Anise - Phoolchakri

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Star Anise - Phoolchakri
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Star Anise is the star shaped fruit of an evergreen tree Illicium verum which is originated in Vietnam and Southwest China. Nowadays this fruit is extensively cultivated in almost all part of the world. Star Anise has got a number of medicinal values. Bot the spice as well as the oil extracted from it can be used as a medicine.

Star anise can be taken as a cure for respiratory tract infections, cough, bronchitis, the flu, swine flu and bird flu. In China Star anise is used to help women during the time pregnancy and child birth and it also helps to increase the milk production. Star Anise has mild mild amount of estrogen which can help you in many stages of your life.



Star Anise is usually used as a cooking spice and to make tea. Star Anise contains a number of Vitamins and minerals. Vitamin A , C and B are abundantly found in Star Anise. This Spice can be used to treat many diseases because of it's medicinal properties.

Health Benefits of Star Anise

Anti Oxidant Properties

Star Anise is an excellent source of antioxidants and is rich in the presence of poly phenolic and other chemical constituents which has immense health benefits. This Antioxidant properties helps them to prevent cellular damage and the formation of free radicals which can cause cancer, heart diseases and premature aging.

Anti Fungal properties of Star Anise

Star Anise has the ability to treat fungal and yeast infections such as candida albicans. Candida is a fungus that is naturally found in various parts in human body. Normally this cannot cause any harm but the imbalance in the amount of this fungus can cause certain problems. Candidiacis is a disease caused by the increase in this fungus. Star Anise contains the the properties to cure this problem.

Used for treating Influenza

Star anise contains abundant quantity of skimic acid which is very effective for treating influenza. Skimic acid makes the body immune against flu and many other viral infections. Studies state that skimic acid will be only having a little effect when used alone but it gives out the best when combined with quercetin the antioxidant that is abundantly found in plants.

Improves Digestion

Star Anise is prepared as a medicinal tea in many parts of the world especially in south East Asian countries and China. It has the ability to deal with Indigestion,abdominal cramps and other digestive problems. If you suffer from from any of the following diseases the best method is to drink the tea made from Star Anise after your meals.You can buy fresh Star Anise with no added preservatives online in

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